About The Italian Foodie


Corner for food passionate, wine lover, enjoy the simple things

Food & wine connoisseur. Zero KM local food fanatic. Latte artista. Experienced traveler. Love the simple things.

My name is Denis. I grew up in Italy, in the beautiful city of Monza (vroom, vroom.. Formula One GP anyone?) near the northern city of Milano, and my mother taught me to enjoy the simple things in life of a good dinner with family and friends, a good glass of wine when you felt like it, take a nice trip whenever you can.

In this blog I will talk about dishes that I cooked and will share my recipes, restaurants and places I visited, good wines suggestions and good drinks idea.

I consider myself lucky to have had the chance of visiting some of the most beautiful spots in the world and tried some of the best food; I really believe the best way to understand a place and the local people’s culture is by trying their cuisine.

I am looking forward to having many people reading this blog and sharing experiences; also, to maybe gave the chance of discovering something new.

A presto! See you soon!

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